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We are a Community Interest Company providing ballet training in Belfast. Contact Highpoints Youth Ballet CIC for details.


Our mission is to inspire, educate and enrich lives through training in and performance of classical ballet.


At the moment, ballet training in Northern Ireland is not intensive enough and there is not an opportunity to integrate intensive ballet training into high school education. Talented young people are pushed away to pursue this away from home. Ballet training needs to take place at a younger age. Royal Ballet school accepts students from 11+  which is a very important stage in physical and emotional development of a young person; it is not ideal to be separated from ones family into a very competitive environment. It leads to problems and often results in the young person having to give up and return with feelings of failure and disappointment. We want to raise an awareness in this and advocate creation of a performing arts school which provides dancers with intensive ballet study and classes they can attend without compromising academic achievement. This can lead to the creation of a semi-professional youth ballet company in Northern Ireland. We want to see our talented youth develop as dancers holistically through programs and dance forms accessible to all, with professional instruction and we want to give them opportunities to perform at the pre-professional level.


We value collaboration, community enhancement, creativity, inclusiveness, safety, a focus on whole-person.


At the moment we work in conjunction with the private dance teacher and we are an advanced supplement to their private training. We strive to operate in accordance with the utmost integrity and the highest standards in all relationships. High Points Youth Ballet CIC is committed to diligence, excellence and inclusiveness among all affiliates.


We maintain high ethical and moral standards in personal and professional conduct. We value condor and honesty and are committed to doing what is right to protect our students, audiences, faculty, staff and stakeholders.


We value persistence and dedication as fundamental to the success of the entire organisation. Inherent in that, we take responsibility for our own actions and are answerable to others.


We give our personal best to proactively contribute to the success of the organisation while seeking out new possibilities in every area and embracing innovative change that adds value.

Mission Statement of

High Points Youth Ballet Community Interest Company

Our vision is to change lives through dance and consequently make a positive difference in the whole of Northern Ireland.

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