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          Policy Statement Overview


1.1 High Points Youth Ballet CIC is committed to creating an environment that enables children and young people to learn and develop in a safe, understanding and encouraging environment


1.2 High Points Youth Ballet CIC recognises that it is a privilege to work with children and young people and that it is also a great responsibility. Parents/Guardians trust High Points as an organisation to look after their children and to care for them, give leadership and keep them safe. High Points as an organisation needs to ensure that this trust is honoured.


1.3 “Children and Young People” refers to persons under the age of 18, however, information and advice in this policy also applies, in spirit, to those young adults over the age of 18 who are deemed to be “Vulnerable” (See Appendix A for definition of vulnerable adults)


1.4 High Points Youth Ballet CIC will take appropriate steps to ensure that children and young people are not exposed to reasonably foreseeable risk of injury, whether to their physical or mental health and wellbeing. High Points Youth Ballet CIC is committed to protection from harm and safeguarding of all children and young people who attend it’s activities.

High Points Child Protection Policy

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